Season 2 - Episode 10: Scott Dudley - Your Music Is A Commodity



This week I’m talking with Scott Dudley of the sync music house Push.Audio. We are discussing developing your sound and being yourself when creating music for sync. Plus, the importance of creating songs with a similar “vibe” as the reference track, but not “sound a likes” when it comes to sync music as well as being able to write and be creative under a deadline.

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In this episode we talk about:

*His sync music house Push.Audio.
*Connecting with music supervisors.
*Working with Hip Hop music for sync.
*Music being a commodity.
*Taking feedback with a grain of salt.
*Developing your sound.
*Being yourself.
*Creating songs with a similar “vibe” as the reference track, not a “sound a like.”
*Push.Audio is a creative house, one stop shop.
*Creating music for ads, tv and trailers.
*Having a 24-48 hour turnaround to turn sync music in.
*Be able to write and be creative under a deadline.
*This is a numbers game.
*No song is wasted.
*Exclusive vs. non-exclusive agencies.
*Push.Audio looking for outside artists to work with.
*Having metadata correct.
*Making sure your song is mastered.
*Have session files available.
*Keeping it professional.

Scott Dudley is the Creative Director @ is a full Post Audio Agency with offices in Los Angeles, California and Roanoke, Virginia. Notable clients include Apple, Nike, Universal Pictures, etc. Scott Dudley is also a writer/producer who adapts the artist-driven company mindset to all creative operations @

Season 2 - Episode 9: James Shotwell - Only Chase The Things You Are Passionate About



This week I am talking with my friend James Shotwell. James works with the company Haulix where he focuses on digital music distribution and their music industry job board which is an ever-growing list of music industry job openings all over the country.  If you are looking for a job in the music industry, this is a great place to start! 

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This week we talk about:

*Working for the company Haulix doing digital music distribution.
*Writing for music publications, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, etc.
*Radio promotions.
*Working with major labels and artists as well as indie artist.
*Haulix can be used as press kit to connect with labels and managers.
*Come across like you know what you’re doing.
*Finding music jobs for free on The Music Industry Job Board.
*Doing concert promotions as a teenager in the local town and how you can do that.
*How to get money from your local town to promote concerts.
*Creating and selling your own blog/website.
*Building relationships with publicists for artists to write for publications.
*Side hustles.
*How you can work VIP packages at concerts.
* or
*Look for ways to solve problems for people.
*Create solutions for people.
*Only chase the things you are passionate about.
*Contact James on twitter at @jamesdshotwell, You tube at music biz,  podcast - Inside Music, podcast - High Notes,


There are a million stories about people from the Midwest rising above their humble beginnings to leave a mark on the world, but this one is mine. A childhood spent in a Southwest Michigan farming town under the guidance of parents who loved the arts as much as one another led me to appreciate all forms of creative expression from an early age.
The only thing I ever wanted to do was connect people with great entertainment, but it took a while to find my calling. I successfully petitioned my hometown for funding to open a music venue at fifteen, and by seventeen I was traveling the countryside performing songs I wrote. College brought an opportunity to study the entertainment while moonlighting as a radio DJ and blossoming critic. It was during that time that I created a music blog known as Under The Gun Review, which I later sold to a media company shortly after graduation.  
The choice to build a career on the merit of my skills led to industry recognition and bylines at some of the biggest publications on the planet, including Rolling Stone and Alternative Press. It also led to marketing work at a music startup, tour management with artists on Van’s Warped Tour, the launch of a record label, and my current role as Director Of Customer Engagement at Haulix. 
Throughout my journey, the power that entertainment possesses has been a focus of my work. The right words, images, and music can transform someone’s life and make them see things from a fresh perspective. My goal is to help creative people reach new fans and better engage with their audience. The world needs great art now more than ever, and together, we can help people find the next thing that changes their life.

Season 2 - Episode 8: Lauren Light - Networking Is Key



This week I am talking with my friend Lauren Light who is a fellow singer-songwriter and sync artist. We are talking about booking for festivals, fairs and conventions and the importance of working with The Association of Festivals and Events to get in that market as well as touring in the college market and what you need to do to be successful in that area.

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In this episode we talk about: 

*Co-owning the sync licensing agency Two Oh Six Music.
*Booking for bands and artists.
*Booking for festivals, fairs and conventions.
*Buyers come to conventions once a year in different states to buy acts.
*The Association of Festivals and Events.
*When you’re booking, calling the venue is the most effective.
*Working multiple streams of income in music.
*Touring in the college market.
*The importance of showcasing to book shows in the college market.
*Have an agent already if you want to be successful in the college market.
*Conventions for booking house concerts.
*Artist age range to perform in the college market.
*Networking is key.
*Lauren’s podcast called

 Pop Singer-Songwriter, Lauren Light is a force to be Reckoned with.  The Berklee grad has played over 800 shows, in over 30 states across the US.  Playing a mix of Festivals, Colleges, music venues, and many more.  On stage, she artfully crafts the perfect blend of pop, rock, and powerfully soulful vocals.

After a trip to CA in 2018, she co-founded a successful Sync Licensing company based in Los Angeles specializing in custom music for placement in TV, Film, Trailers, and Advertisements. You can hear her music on a range of projects from a roller coaster in TN to the newest episode of Marvels hit show “Runaways”.   The company also likes to give back to the music community hosting bi-yearly workshops in LA to teach others how to get started in the Sync world and pair producers/writers and artists together.   

In her free time, you’ll see Lauren drinking insane amounts of coffee in NC, co-writing as much as possible and releasing content on her Music Business Podcast “The Enlightened Musician.”

Season 2 - Episode 7: Carl Cartee - Hustle Beats Talent Every Day



This week I’m talking with my dear friend Carl Cartee who is the worship pastor at my home church Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN. We are talking about the importance of being discipled by a mentor when you are starting out as a worship leader and how you are a communicator using music as a means to encourage people.

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In this episode we talk about:
*Being a worship pastor.
*The importance of being discipled by a mentor when you’re a young worship leader.
*Learning to transition from song to song.
*Using communication and language to earn trust and build bridges.
*People mirror what they see happening on stage.
*If you’re not having a good time, they’re not having a good time.
*You are a communicator using music as a means to encourage people.
*Hustle beats talent every day.
*To sign a pub or label deal nowadays you have to have a strong social media presence.
*Most songs that get cut now have the artist involved as a writer as well.
*Be a great track producer.
*Fellowship Worship Residency -



Carl Cartee is a Dove Award and Covenant Award winning songwriter and recording artist. His songs have appeared on records across a broad spectrum of music from The Oak Ridge Boys to Elevation Worship. Carl is the Pastor of Worship And Arts at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN where he directs the team that leads worship and releases music for the church as Fellowship Songs. Carl is married to Heather and they have four sons, Oak, Ezra, Abe and Ike.

Season 2 - Episode 6: Paul Wiltshire - Make Sure There’s An Instrumental Version



This week I’m talking with Songtradr CEO Paul Wiltshire. Paul founded Songtradr which is the largest online sync agency platform in the world. We are discussing how Songtradr works if you are looking for an agency to rep your music, the benefits of being on their playlists, why it is essential to upload WAV files and the necessity of having instrumental versions of your songs on Songtradr’s platform.

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In this episode we talk about:

*Founder and CEO of Songtradr
*The difference in American and Australian music.
*How Songtradr works.
*How cover songs work on Songtradr’s platform.
*The benefits of being on a Songtradr playlist.
*Metadata issues.
*You MUST upload WAV files.
*You will not get a license with an MP3 file.
*The best ways to get your music noticed on Songtradr.
*The value of creating momentum.
*The quality of production.
*The importance of uploading instrumental files, stems and lyrics.
*Ways to improve your chances of getting your music heard on Songtradr.
*Make sure there’s an instrumental version.


Paul is a music and technology entrepreneur with over 30 years experience across the music and media industries. An award winning record producer and songwriter having produced and/or composed music with sales in excess of 15,000,000 records including twelve number #1 albums and singles. 
Paul founded Songtradr in 2014 and after 2 years of development, the Songtadr platform officially launched in March 2016 and has since rapidly grown to service 250,000+ artists and music creators around the globe, licensing music to advertisers, brands, films, TV and other media. Extremely passionate about democratizing the music industry for all creatives, Paul works tirelessly on providing the tools, opportunity and access for the Songtradr community of artists, songwriters and composers.

Season 2 - Episode 5: Mark Miller - Building Your Fan base For The College Market



This week I’m talking with my friend Mark Miller from the company Brave Enough which does concert booking for the college market.  We are discussing what it takes to get booked at colleges across the country and the importance of showcasing at either NACA or APCA which are the campus activities associations you have to use to get into this market.  Plus, we talk about the best music genres for the college markets.

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In this episode we talk about:

*Being an artist touring in the college market.
*NACA - National Association of Campus Activities is main way to get booked for colleges.
*You must submit audio or video samples to get a showcase.
*Audio submissions have no chance of getting a showcase.
*Student activities boards from all colleges come to NACA to book artists.
*Create an atmosphere to set yourself apart from other acts.
*How to help your sponsors make money.
*Creating the booking agency Brave Enough for the college market.
*Learning how to showcase for the college market through NACA.
*Your submission video needs to be of cover songs that have been released in the last 5 years.
*There are more opportunities for solo or duo acts on college campuses than bands.
*Bands, duos and solo artists pay basically the same.
*Standard base rate is $1250 + travel for the college market.
*Rate can go up to $2500 once you’ve been around a while.
*APCA - is similar but a for profit company.
*If you’re not creating new content, you’re falling off the map.
*You have to have some investment cash to get going.
*You have to think of yourself as a business.
*You have to be invested in yourself.
*What Brave Enough is looking for when signing artists.
*You have to be relevant to 18-24 year olds.
*The best practices when booking shows with venues.
*Be strategic in building your fanbase.
*Don’t take any shortcuts.
*The best music genres for college markets.


Mark Miller is the lucky guy married 10 years to Heather Miller, and proud dad of Rockwell and Juliette.  He also has the honor of serving over 400 colleges and universities and more than 50 artists and speakers through the two companies he founded and directs, Brave Enough Entertainment and Taikai Esports.  Prior to starting Brave Enough, Mark was a touring artist for more than a decade (half of that with Heather as the duo So Long Solo.) 

Season 2 - Episode 4: Brent Barcus - Learn The Music Inside And Out



This week I’m talking with my buddy Brent Barcus. Brent is one of my favorite guitar players that I have followed for many years. He’s toured with Shania Twain, Steven Curtis Chapman and DC Talk just to name a few. We are discussing the importance of getting the same sounds as the artists you want to play for and having a humble confidence when going in for an audition. Plus, we talk about his new company, I-65 Music where he creates custom commercial music for ad agencies and tv promos for various networks.

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In this episode we talk about:

*Ups and downs of being a guitar tech for touring artists.
*Playing guitar for Cindy Morgan, DC Talk, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Kenny Loggins and Shania Twain.
*The importance of getting the same sounds as the artists you want to play for.
*Take something from every artist you play with.
*The audition process for major label artists.
*Learn the music inside and out.
*Know the sounds of the instruments you are trying to emulate.
*Have a humble confidence.
*Research the artist to know their style.
*Look the part.
*Have a simple setup for auditions.
*creating custom commercial music for ad agencies.
*Using Linked In for connecting with companies.
*Work flow of mixing tv promos for Viacom (CBS, CMT, MTV, VH1, etc.)
*Engross yourself in the music community.
*Open your mind and learn the skills.
*Connect with Brent at

Brent Barcus is an Audio Producer, Content Creator, Immersive Mixer & Sound Designer with a depth of music expertise, networking, and over 20 years producing commercial media for all platforms including podcasts, publishers, songwriters, labels, radio, TV, mobile and social media. 

He has worked with ViacomCBS, Volvo, Sony, AT&T, Nashville Predators, Purina Brands, Philips Healthcare, Republican National Convention, Warner Chappell, Griffin Technologies, Nashville Wine Auction, Permobil, Hex Bug Toys and Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis.

Brent has been a touring and studio producer and musician for artists such as Shania Twain, Kenny Loggins, Elton John, dcTalk & Steven Curtis Chapman performing on David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey & The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno. Brent has performed on the Super Bowl Halftime show and The Grammy Awards.

Season 2 - Episode 3: Ben and Lauren Johnson - Every Setback Is Just A Setup For A Comeback



This week I’m talking with my friends Ben and Lauren Johnson. We are talking about the pros and cons of being married and both working as professional musicians in different aspects of the industry. As well as discussing how connecting with the right people in the industry who can mentor you can help launch your career and open doors that might now otherwise. Plus, the benefits of having an good online presence.

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In this episode we talk about:

*Being a married couple in the music industry. 
*Multiple streams of income.
*Learning to improvise. 
*The importance of learning to transcribe music at an early age.
*Reach for “unattainable things.”
*The benefits of being on X Factor and similar shows.
*Always be learning.
*Every setback is just a setup for a comeback.
*The real music industry vs. reality tv talent shows.
*Creating a sound and identity as an artist.
*Learn to be happy for other people’s success.
*Having a good online presence.
*Instagram is the new business card.
*Post consistently so you show up in Instagram’s algorithms.
*Post things you care about.
*Showcase what you do in a consistent way so people quickly know who you are, what you care about and what you do.
*Lauren’s instagram for consulting is @lalalauren678.
*If you can make tracks you are more valuable in co-writes.
*The value of having a mentor who is already successful.
*To be competitive as a writer: write more songs, find a great mentor, take constructive criticism, find great titles, co-write, study songs and find out why they are successful.
*Write with the artist to have a better chance of getting songs cut. Just write parts of the song and ask the artist to write another section to make it their own.
*Being married and both in the industry works because of not competing with each other.
*Having goals planned out before getting married.
*Supporting your spouse’s career and being intentional with each other.
*Take time for yourself, remember to have fun, it’s okay to say “no.”
*Love you what you do.
*Contact Ben at @theonlybenjohnson2 or @track45.
*Contact Lauren at or @lalalauren678.


Ben Johnson is a songwriter and producer living in Nashville, TN. He is signed to a worldwide co-publishing deal with Tape Room Music (Nashville) and Artist Publishing Group (Los Angeles), and has written songs for artists such as Charlie Puth, Thomas Rhett, Kane Brown, Ava Max, Lee Brice, Meek Mill, Justin Timberlake, Lauren Alaina, and more. 
Originally from Meridian, Mississippi, Johnson grew up surrounded by music. He is a classically trained pianist and cellist, and grew up performing in orchestras as well as in bluegrass groups. From a young age, Johnson has written and produced music with his two sisters in their band Track45 (now managed by Missi Gallimore and Gary Borman, and in the process of completing their first label deal). 
In 2012, Johnson moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University on a cello scholarship, and it was at this time that he began co-writing. Johnson also made many connections in the country world singing BGVs for the CMA Awards each year- heʼs had the opportunity to perform with artists like Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Reba, and many more. Johnson met Ashley Gorley of Taperoom Music through a co-writer and they began working together, leading to Johnsonʼs eventual signing at Tape Room Music in 2018. 
His first major cut was “Patient” with multi-platinum pop artist Charlie Puth on his 2018 album “Voicenotes”. Since then, heʼs had dozens of cuts in both the pop and country worlds, as well as success as a producer, notably with artists Hunter Phelps and co-producing Kylie Morgan with Shane Macanally. 
Currently, Ben spends most of his time writing and producing at his studio on Music Row, and working with his band Track45 on new music set to be released later this year. 

Lauren BIO
Lauren is a composer and multi-instrumentalist living and working in Nashville, TN. She began her musical career as a fiddle player, and has performed on stages from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville to the Royal Albert Concert Hall in London and has worked with artists and productions such as Miley Cyrus, Lonestar, Florida Georgia Line, ABC/CMTʼs Nashville, The CMT Awards, Jools Holland, Montgomery Gentry, Josh Thompson, Kix Brooks, Little Big Town, Andra Day, Lee 
Ann Womack, as the featured artist for Bonafonteʼs international advertising campaign, HighRoad, Matt Maher, and many others. 
Lauren is a graduate of Belmont University with a degree in Commercial Music. Her background in bluegrass and Celtic music lends a unique sound to her compositions and recordings. Her sound is full of lush strings, cinematic world- music inspired percussion, and draws musical elements from her time traveling and performing in Scandinavia, the Middle East, and Latin America. She recently released her second solo EP, “Water Music Part II”, available now on all digital streaming platforms. 
Currently, Lauren lives in Nashville, TN, where she works as a composer, recording artist, and touring musician. In her free time, Lauren loves to paint, read books, and play with her Bernedoodle, JuJu. 

Season 2 - Episode 2: Justin Morgan - Persistence Is Key



This week I’m talking with Centricity Music Publishing songwriter and producer Justin Morgan.  Justin shares his experience going from a struggling indie band to charting on Billboard all without a label. Plus, we talk about what it’s like signing your first publishing deal and what the first year will probably be like for most newcomers. 

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In this episode we talk about:

*Taking the initiative to connect with industry people.
*Don’t be scared to ask but you can’t be annoying. 
*Don’t be afraid to send a couple of songs to a publisher. Don’t send them 50 though.
*There’s persistence and there’s over persistence.
*Persistence is key to obtaining any level of success in the music industry, over persistence will kill any level of success in the music industry.
*Anytime an indie artist starts getting Billboard traction, labels started noticing and we were playing showcases in Nashville.
*Exploit your contacts and ask people to meet and get coffee and ask questions, etc.
*Ask people to a breakfast meeting.
*You’re not going to get signed from your first meeting. 
*If you’re a good hang, they will listen to your songs.
*When you sign a pub deal, you will spend the first year writing with everyone they can put you with. They have to figure out who you work well with and what you do best.
*Be a sponge and learn as much about co-writing as you can from seasoned writers for that first year.
*You can be a great writer and a horrible co-writer.
*If you’re going to email a producer or publisher, etc., find out what they’re excited about and working on and who they’re working with.
*When you approach a publishing company you want to work with, try to find a mutual friend who is working with them already.  That’s the best way.


Justin Morgan is a producer, writer, and artist from Nashville TN. Justin grew up in the great state of Texas and feasted on a diverse selection of music from Glenn Miller to George Strait and The Eagles to The Wallflowers and everything in-between. That may be the reason Justin can't sit still in one genre for long. As a songwriter and producer Justin has had cuts in Country, Christian, Rock, and Pop and has had over 50 songs placed in TV and Film. As an artist, Justin has had over 10 million streams across his various artist projects and streaming platforms. 

Season 2 - Episode 1: Gary Gray - Use Your Ear, Not Your Gear



This week I’m talking with producer and engineer Gary Gray in L.A. Gary was mentored by music legends Quincy Jones, Jermaine Jackson and Phil Collins. He’s also become an in demand producer for Disney and 20th Century Fox. We are discussing the importance of networking and being a professional producer out of your home studio and Gary also shares a some tips and tricks to get your music to sound like the hits you hear on radio from his online teaching course The Lucrative Home Studio.

Sponsors: Edenbrooke Productions - We offer consulting services and are offering listeners a 1-hour introductory special. To request more info on consulting services, email Marty at 

In this episode we talk about:

*Being mentored by heavyweight Motown players as a kid.
*Anything you can do to enhance the human factor of your career by dealing with other people face to face is a good thing.
*Playing drums for Motown with Barry Gordy and Suzanne de Passe.
*working for Music Connection Magazine selling advertising.
*Protocol is communication and coordination.
*Don’t open your mouth unless you know what you’re talking about or have researched.
*Believe in people.
*Prepare yourself and know what you’re talking about.
*You’re either networking or not working.
*Go above and beyond for another human being.
*Being mentored by Quincy Jones, Phil Collins, Chick Corea, Jermaine Jackson and more.
*Working with Disney as a one stop shop.
*Producing from a home studio.
*Disney connected me with 20th Century Fox.
*1/3 of the formula is quantity, but 2/3’s of the formula is quality.
*Being a mentor and teacher to.
*The Lucrative Home Studio course -
*  music composed for a commerical.
*Checkerboard A/B ing.
*Use a reference track to compare with from the beginning in your DAW to create radio quality recordings.
*Mix your track while comparing to a mastered track.
*Shave a little bit of the low and the high end and pull the volume of that reference track down to the volume of your mix. Now you’ve reverse engineered that master recording pretty close to what the mix sounded like before it was mastered. Now compare it by ear to your mix.
*You’re comparing, not matching.
*Writing articles for Tune Core.
*The quality of work is the most important thing. 
*Licensing is a marathon race.
*Use your ear, not your gear when you mix and master.
*Balance your life.
*Styles and genres being asked for by music supervisors.
* for music briefs.



Gary Gray is an award winning composer, producer and engineer. He’s produced multiple projects for 20th Century Fox, Disney, Hollywood Records, A&E, EMI, CBS and many others all in a home studio that cost him less than $2,000 to build.
Gary grew up in Cleveland, Ohio as a prodigy drummer and was raised on symphonic classical music, R&B, rock and roll and big band jazz. Gary’s first job was playing drums for Berry Gordy at Motown Records in Los Angeles.
Gary himself has been mentored by Phil Ramone, Quincy Jones, Jermaine Jackson and Phil Collins. Gary honed his marketing savvy as the advertising and promotions manager for Music Connection Magazine. He has always enjoyed “both sides of the desk” in the music business.
Having taught music since the age of 16, Gary not only walks the walk, he is also widely regarded as an exceptional mentor for composers, songwriters, musicians, producers, vocalists, and engineers. Gary brings you real solutions to real problems that home studio owners all over the world have benefited from.

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