Season 3 - Episode 10: Tom Golly -  Build A Family, Not Employees




This week I’m talking with Christian music artist Tom Golly. Tom is a successful independent artist who has had a lot of success touring and working the festival circuit on his own initiative. We are discussing how to reach out to churches and music festivals as an indie artist when booking tours and how to have the best chance to make it on the main stage of festivals. Plus, the importance of hiring band members who will become like family to you, not just employees.

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In this episode we talk about:

*The state of the Christian music scene.
*You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.
*the process of hiring players to tour with you.
*Have a servant’s heart.
*Dealing with other’s limitations.
*Treat your players better than you treat yourself.
*Give your musicians the space to do what they are great at.
*Build a family, not employees.
*Booking festivals as an indie artist.
*Learn how to craft an email for booking shows.
*Beware of scammers who claim they can get you gigs.
*How to make a booking agent want to hear more.
*Perspective is everything.
*The Tom Golly Official podcast on You Tube.

Tom Golly is a Christian singer/songwriter from Nashville Tennessee. Born and raised in Long Island New York. Since 2010, Tom has immersed himself in music and has never looked back.  Following his move to Nashville, TN he recorded his first EP "Not Going Back".  The project was written with Jake Jones and Justin Forshaw of As We Ascend at RMS Studios. Much of the music reflects Tom’s life experiences and journey through of faith.

Tom’s music is a unique energetic blend of Christian Contemporary Pop & Worship with a little bit of rock edge that has seen much success on streaming platforms .His last 3 releases have done well on Spotify seeing his music added to major playlists and has had as much as 40,000 monthly listeners.

His first radio single " Let Your Heart Be Found " made it to the Billboard  " Most Added " Charts. Tom has found much success touring nationally and sharing the stage with some of Christian music’s biggest acts such as, Matthew West, Mandisa, Matt Maher, Tauren Wells, NEWSBOYS, Matthew West,  Francesca Battistelli, For King & Country, Danny Gokey, JJ Weeks, Zealand, Chris August, Jordan Feliz, Zach Williams, We Are Messengers, Carrolton & many more. 
In May of 2019 Tom released a new single " KEEP FIGHTING " which has rocketed to over 150,000 Spotify streams in less than 4 months.

Following the success of the single, Tom has since launched The " Keep Fighting Movement " Which is not only a website aimed to be a place for those in need of prayer and encouragement, but a resource page for those seeking help.

Season 3 - Episode 9: Alex Whiten - Have Transferable Skills



This week I’m talking with Alex Whiten of The Stable Collective in Franklin, TN. Alex is on the team that handles artist management and brand development for Steven Curtis Chapman, Mary Beth Chapman and Jillian Edwards.  We are discussing how living where you want to work and making yourself known to people will help you when opportunities become available. Plus, how the look and feel of a project, website and social media should be intertwined and cohesive. And we talk about the importance of having skills that are transferable to a lot of different roles in the industry.

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In this episode we talk about:

*Be in the community and someone people think of when jobs become available.
*You need to live the town where you want to work.
*Works for the artist management company The Stable Collective.
*Artist Management is where you wear a lot of different hats.
*Marketing, social media, brand identity, project management.
*Being a manager is like bike wheel with the artist at the center.
*Branding is looking at the bigger picture of what you want the audience to feel.
*Everything should be intertwined and cohesive - the look, sound, feel of a project, website, tour, etc.
*Knowing how to cater to the audience of an artist with very different styles.
*Having a strong vision for how to reach different audiences.
*Everyday in management is very different.
*Be relational.
*Be someone people enjoy spending time with.
*Be diligent.
*Have skills that are transferable to a lot of different roles.
*Road manager is a great place to start.

A 28 year old Phoenix native currently living in Nashville, TN, Alex is an artist manager with roots in photography, design, and social media marketing. He was inspired at a young age to serve and grow the careers of musicians and artists who are passionate about the art they feel called to create. After studying music business in 2012, he joined forces with Mark Mattingly and Steven Curtis Chapman to launch management company The Stable Collective in February of 2017.

Social links:
Instagram and Twitter at @alexwhiten

Season 3 - Episode 8: Natasha Owens - God Always Equips Who He Calls



This week, I am talking with Natasha Owens in front of a live audience at Lifest music festival in Osh Kosh, WI. as she shares how her first ever concert she performed was opening for Michael W. Smith as well as touring and learning life lessons from Jason Crabb. We discuss what is like to tour with a full band and the costs and challenges of owning your own production and tour bus and paying a large crew on the road. Plus, when doing music ministry, God does not call the equipped, He equips who He calls.

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In this episode we talk about:

*Working through depression and anxiety. 
*Overcoming adversity.
*The reality of touring on a bus.
*How to find venues to perform for.
*The importance of having a website.
*Having your own band and crew on the road.
*The cost of putting on a show. 
*The bus driver’s schedule.
*Having sponsors for a tour.
*Have music recorded to show people.
*Have video to sell yourself to venues.
*Record labels sign artists based on their You Tube and social media.

“There’s something intrinsic about humanity and a survival instinct. Most of us will do whatever we can to keep our head above water, to take one more breath in and out…to keep breathing and keep our heart beating.
But God’s intent for His children, His creation, wasn’t limited to survival. He intends for us to thrive. “I have come that you may have life to the full.” (John 10:10).

For Natasha Owens that verse isn’t merely a comfort or a pick-me-up… It’s a decree. A mantra for life…and it is the very thing that has turned her darkest days into a light that is too bright not to share.

“Life is hard and heartache, tragedy and loss aren’t selective or rare. But for many people, as soon as they make it through the given crisis, they stop there. They stagnate,” she says, reflecting on her own season of loss and the dark days when all she could do was breathe in and out. A few years ago, Natasha’s father, 58 at the time, was doing a simple task he’d done hundreds of times before. There was no drama. There was no build up. There was no warning. While cleaning his guns one day, one misfired, placing a bullet in his chest. He died soon thereafter.

“After the shock wore off, the depression set in,” she shares. “For some reason, our pastor came to me and said he thought I should be the music minister at the church.”

After a lot of time in prayer, alongside her husband, Natasha accepted the position. Soon, the music, the mission and the ministry captivated her heart. It stole away the listlessness and confusion and hopelessness. Week after week, as she poured herself into the music of the church, thereby pouring herself into the lives of all who comprised that church body, the Holy Spirit poured into her a peace, a reassurance and a drive to take this opportunity even further than she could have imagined.

Unbeknownst to Natasha at the time, those songs lent more than strength. They laid the foundation for what would become the next chapter in her heart, her healing and her ministry. Vacillating between the church platform and a writer’s room, Natasha soon had another collection of songs; songs of restoration, hope and peace. At the prompting of a friend she took her music into the recording studio and created her first full-length project. It didn’t take long for the album to circulate within the music industry, opening doors left and right. The brand-new recording artist landed an opening slot for CCM icon, Michael W. Smith and she was invited to tour with Dove Award Artist of the Year recipient, Jason Crabb.

With each new opportunity came another chance for Natasha to share her heart, her message and her hero. The songs that had been her healing, her comfort and her restoration were becoming that very thing to people around the world. 
Following the success of her last project, industry heavyweight and iconic producer Ed Cash agreed to produce her next project and was as excited as Natasha about the message that was about to emerge.

Each track, while beautifully unique in their own right, illuminated the idea of rising. With lyrics that are inviting, melodies that are compelling and delivery that drives home the truth within, these songs allow listeners to be honest and vulnerable in the most challenging and intimidating circumstances.

“He doesn’t call the equipped. He equips who He calls,” she says with stalwart conviction. “That has stuck with me and given me the courage to do what He’s called me to. If God is with me, I can do all things. I can do more than survive. I can thrive. If others can see the power of God to do such a work in my life and then translate it to their own…to really believe that they can do more than just get by, I’ve done my job.”

Season 3 - Episode 7: John Martin Keith - The Definition Of Success



This week I’m talking with a live audience at Lifest in Osh Kosh, WI sharing my story and answering questions from the audience about the music industry. We are discussing the pros and cons of streaming platforms, the importance of having other writers critique your songwriting and what I believe is the definition of success for anyone pursuing a career in the music industry.

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In this episode we talk about:

*Building a touring schedule on your own as a new artist.
*How to build relationships with people in order to writing songs professionally.
*Recording albums with today’s technology.
*The pros and cons of streaming platforms.
*What record companies look for in signing artists in today’s climate.
*How to hone your songwriting skills.
*Have 3 other writers to give you honest feedback about your songs.
*How to find venues that play your style of music.
*The pros and cons of going to college for music vs. bypassing college.
*When others quit, you keep going.
*The definition of success.


John Martin Keith is a singer-songwriter with Edenbrooke Music in Nashville, Tennessee. He is passionate about God and music and has over 20 years of experience in the music industry. John Martin, better known as Marty, has performed in front of thousands from the stage along with artists including Steven Curtis Chapman, Jaci Velasquez, and NewSong, among others.

Originally from Paducah, Kentucky, Marty began learning to play the guitar at the age of four from Herb Chapman Sr., father of GRAMMY and Dove award winning artist Steven Curtis Chapman. Throughout his early life, Marty played talent shows and county fairs in Kentucky, sharpening his skills and preparing for the day he moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue his dream of a music career. During his college years in Kansas and Missouri, he shifted into music ministry, working with youth camps, which shaped his style of music into what it is today.

In 2006, Marty became an ordained worship pastor and was dubbed a “musicianary” by one of his pastors. Since then, he has spent years touring the country, sharing the gospel of Jesus through his music in churches, camps, youth conferences/retreats, and colleges. “When I lead worship, my goal is not to become the focus, but to turn the focus to the throne of God. I want worshipers to look inside themselves and at their relationship with Jesus. To understand that apart from Christ there is no hope in the world and through Christ alone can salvation, peace, and joy be found,” says Marty. He adds, “These songs fit into every category of life. They are about real life, real joy, real love, real struggle. Being a Christian does not mean we won’t have struggles. Christ told his disciples, ‘in this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.’ (John 16:33) Even in the struggles, there should be worship. Everything we do in life should be an act of worship to the Lord.” Marty’s music strives to be a reflection of that.

As a songwriter, Marty writes multiple genres, including Pop, Country, Praise & Worship, Americana, Rock, and Dance with some of the top hit makers in Nashville including Mark Irwin (Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw), Nicole Witt (George Strait, Lee Brice), Brady Seals (Little Texas, Hot Apple Pie), Lindsay McCaul, Farewell Angelina, Luke Brown (American Idol), and Shay Watson (Sidewalk Prophets, The Young and the Restless). Marty also writes and produces songs for tv/film and ads with artists from all over the world.  He currently has music placed on CBS, FOX Sports, Discovery Channel, History Channel, The Smithsonian Channel and more.

Marty takes every opportunity given to him to create great music with the hope of enriching peoples live through it. In upbeat songs of praise to our Creator, heartfelt love songs for his wife, or heartbreaking stories of despair he has personally encountered, everyone can find something they are looking for in John Martin Keith’s music.

Marty is the owner of Edenbrooke Music. Edenbrooke Music strives to improve the quality of musical entertainment by improving talent though teaching, by improving sound through production, and by improving the career of the musician through performance and recording opportunity. Edenbrooke Music offers guitar lessons, live sound for special events, booking for touring artists and music production services. Learn more at

Season 3 - Episode 6: Ben McDonald of Sidewalk Prophets - Resilience



photo by

This week, I’m talking with Ben McDonald of the band Sidewalk Prophets in my first ever live recording with an audience at Lifest music festival in Osh Kosh, WI. With three major studio albums, five #1 hits, and eight top 5 songs under their belt, Sidewalk Prophets has solidified their place among the elite artists in Christian music. As a founding member, Ben has been one of the leading songwriters and guitar players in the band. We are discussing how to handle to hardships and successes of getting a band off the ground as well and the ever changing involvement Ben has in the band as he has recently stepped off of stage but continues to be a driving force behind the bands songwriting, creativity and success as the band’s manager.  Plus, we talk about the importance of being resilient in this industry to be successful.

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In this episode we talk about:

*You have to write a lot of bad songs to find the good ones.
*The importance of choosing a band name.
*When starting out, play where you can as much as you can.
*It’s a long term commitment.
*How to contact artists to play your venue.
*Working your way up the rung in the industry.
*When things are hard, you can choose to quit or choose to go forward.
*Practice your craft.
*Write with people who are better than you.
*Learn how to take criticism.


Sidewalk Prophets is more than just music, and more than just entertainment we are family.  The band has a strong desire to make everyone feel loved and valued and the goal of this new on-line store is to make sure each person feels special. Dave Frey and Ben McDonald had no idea what was in store for them when their paths crossed at Anderson University years ago, but one listen to their hugely anticipated major label debut, These Simple Truths, confirms the band's undeniable talent. The fact that they have been on the road for 150+ dates per year for the years and show no signs of slowing down attests to their tenacious work ethic. 

But while there are tons of bands with talent and tenacity who never progress beyond the garage, Sidewalk Prophets insist it is the ever-present hand of the Lord that has lifted them to the next level of their career. 

With three major studio albums, five #1 hits, and eight top 5 songs under their belt Sidewalk Prophets has solidified their place among the elite artists in Christian music.  Their goal is simple: Authentically sharing Christ. Creatively inspiring Hope. Joyfully making everyone feel like someone.

Season 3 - Episode 5: Chris Clayton - The Nashville Bar





This week I’m talking with my friend, co-writer, co-producer and fellow worship pastor Chris Clayton. Chris is one of the top worship music producers in Nashville. His track record includes some of my favorite artists including Shane and Shane, Big Daddy Weave and Phillips, Craig and Dean and his songs have been featured in Lifeway, Word and Integrity Music. We are discussing the differences you will find as a producer starting out compared to the bar that Nashville sets for you to rise to and what it takes to hit that bar. Plus, we discuss the differences in recording a live album vs. a studio album and what the role of a producer should play in an artists life.

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In this episode we talk about:

*Song Capture Podcast -
*Do a great job so artists will spread the word about you.
*The Nashville Bar.
*Learn to track, edit and pocket a vocal the best you can.
*Training your ear to tune vocals properly.
*The big picture of production.
*Produce masters, not demos.
*Produce the demo so well, the label will want you to produce the album.
*Differences between recording a live album vs. a studio album.
*The Process of recording a live album.
*Capturing a moment from the audience.
*Costs of having a song produced.

*What true producers are looking for.
*The hardest part for producers working with artists.
*The biggest investment you can do for your music is bring in a producer.
*Artists: surround yourself with people better than you and find a producer who’s the right fit for you.
*As a producer: just start and just do.
*Serve the people you’re given.

Chris Clayton is an award-nominated Worship/CCM producer, songwriter and mix engineer. He has worked on projects with a variety of independent artists and churches as well as national artists like Big Daddy Weave, Phillips, Craig, and Dean, Shane and Shane, Christine D'Clario, Kristene DiMarco (Bethel Music) and Prestonwood Worship just to name a few. As a songwriter, his songs have been featured by many artists and organizations including Worship Leader Magazine, LifeWay Worship, Word Music and Integrity Music.  

“Burn Bright,” co-written and produced by Clayton, and recorded by Will Walker, was nominated for the 2018 GMA Canada Covenant Award for Pop Song of the Year.
Clayton’s heart is for the Church and the artists he works with. Serving also as the worship pastor at Gateway Church in Franklin, Tennessee, he credits his grounding in the local church as one of the keys to his success. After all, it’s not just about the music.

“It's about investing in the artist as a person,” he says. “It truly drives everything I do.” Those relationships shine through the music, creating a lyrical and musical landscape out of intimate conversations and trust.”

Chris resides in the Nashville, TN area with his beautiful and amazing wife Kara and their five awesome kids.

Season 3 - Episode 4: John Clinebell - Go From Learning To Earning



This week I’m talking with John Clinebell of Sync It! Music and Licensing Basecamp which teaches artists and producers to get their songs and production up to standard for sync pitching. John has tons of sync placements including Fox, Disney/ABC, CBS, Starbucks and more. We are discussing the best ways to approach making music and pitching music in the sync world, plus what genres of music are being asked for currently in sync.

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In this episode we talk about:

*A music supervisor is tasked with the creative and legal aspects of putting music to picture in tv or film within the budget they are given to work with.
*Sync It Music and Licensing base camp teaching people to get the songs and production up to standard for pitching, providing encouragement and accountability and strategies for success with different workshops by bringing in experts in different areas and providing pitching opportunities as well.
*Sync It Music partners with different licensing agents so the clients can pitch their music and hopefully get signed by the agent for representation.
*Things to consider between exclusive and non-exclusive deals.
*If it’s confusing who reps your music, you can lose deals.
*Follow music supervisors on social media to see what they are posting about types of music they are pitching for.
*Genres needed for sync currently.
*Your music needs to be soulful in a fun way for ads.
*Most agencies want to support actual artists, not made up artists just for sync.
*Music that works great for sync, but also fits what you do as an artist is best.
*Create alt endings to your songs that ring out the the last chord instead of a sting ending.
*Control Camp is a great place to learn what is needed in licensing.
*Be polite to the people you want to work with.
*Ask for what you want but do it in a way that is respectful.
*Go through proper channels when pitching to supervisors.

John is originally from the mid west, was based in Los Angeles for 15 years, and moved to Nashville in 2022. 
John has placements with Fox, Disney/ABC, CBS, BET, ESPN, MTV, Nick jr, Lifetime, Netflix, Hulu, Oxygen, USA networks, Facebook/Instagram corporate, Starbucks commercials, CBBC, Microsoft corporate, Ring training and promo videos, CBC’s q radio, Sky, Spotify playlists, in-store at major UK retailers and many other places. music repped by Sky, 411, Lyric House, So Stereo, Koze Music, Protunes, Think Music, Crucial, Atrium, Heavy Hitters, Song & Film, Imaginary Friends and other sync partners.

John has pro studio locations in Nashville, Tennessee and Los Angeles (Koreatown). He and production partner / manager Billy Lefler produce together under the name Bacon Shake.

John is the founder of make moves in music, a community for music entrepreneurs and also a podcast. Also co-founder of sync it! music with Sonnet Simmons. They have an exclusive sync licensing education community called Licensing Basecamp where they give indie artists, songwriters and producers the encouragement, accountability and success strategies they need to start earning money licensing their music to tv, film and ads.

From 2019-2021 John served as director of music at catch the moon music, a music licensing education company founded by Cathy Heller. They mentored talented indie artists, songwriters and producers on how to go about getting their songs onto tv shows, films, ads, video games, in-store and into music production libraries and helped connect the dots between students/alumni and decision makers in the industry.

Season 3 - Episode 3: Jason Brooks - Availability Is Essential


Jason_Brooks_Picaktp6.jpg Photo by: @kathryntbyrd

This week I’m talking with my friend a fellow guitarist Jason Brooks. We met while working on the tv show Nashville together a few years ago. Jason has toured all over the world and played on multiple talk shows as a guitar player for some of today’s most popular country artists including Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery, Maddie & Tae, Mickey Guyton and more. We are discussing how to play to the strength of your amp, how to go about getting an endorsement deal and the importance of being available in order to get gigs.

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In this episode we talk about:

*Know when to grab an opportunity.
*Availability is essential.
*When you find success, continue to grow it.
*Don’t oversell yourself.
*If you’re not keeping up with people in your network, you’re actually removing them from it.
*3 main types of amps to work from.
*Play to the strength of the amp.
*Understand your voice on your instrument.
*Endorsement deals.
*Pursue a deal from a smaller company first.
*How busy you are and where you are in your career help determine endorsements you get.
*Establish a relationship with endorsement people.
*Tag companies you want endorsements with on social media as you use their gear.
*Venues vs. TV.
*Create your own success vs. just being an employee.
*Saving your money and have emergency funds.
*Charts vs. memorizing.
*Always learn the music.
*Make sure your instruments are well maintained.

Jason Brooks is a Nashville based guitarist. Born in South Korea, Jason grew up just outside Washington DC in Herndon Virginia. At 20, Jason made the move to Nashville to pursue a degree in Music Business at Belmont University.

Since moving to Nashville Jason has had several high profile performances on The Today Show, The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show feat David Letterman, Today with Megyn Kelly, The Kelly Clarkson Show, ABC/CMT drama Nashville, CMT, CMC Australia, CMA Fest Nissan Stadium.

When not touring with The Voice Season 3 winner Cassadee Pope, Jason splits his time between other major label acts and local Nashville gigs. Additionally Jason owns a small production company which specializes in remote tracking sessions and end to end production for commercial compositions which have been featured on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music.

Jason has worked with Grammy nominated artist Cassadee Pope, Grammy nominated artist Ashley Monroe, Season 4 The Voice Winner Danielle Bradbery, Gone West feat. Colbie Caillat, Maddie & Tae, Mickey Guyton, Jana Kramer, Lainey Wilson, Chord Overstreet and many others.

Jason is endorsed by Gibson Brands, Fender Musical Instrument Company, Daddario Strings, and Lollar Pickups. You can connect with Jason on his Instagram at @iisjasonbrooks.

Season 3 - Episode 2: Ross King - 3 Ways To Be Successful In The Music Business



This week I’m talking with my friend and co-writer Ross King. Ross is a hit songwriter with Centricity Music in Franklin, TN with cuts by Jordan Feliz, Newsboys, JJ Heller and more. In addition to writing songs for himself and other artists, Ross is a successful sync music writer with multiple placements on tv. We are discussing the value of building a loyal fan base, the pros and cons of having a publishing deal as a songwriter and three things that will help you be successful in music.

Sponsors: Edenbrooke Productions - We offer consulting services and are offering listeners a 1-hour introductory special. To request more info on consulting services, email Marty at 

In this episode we talk about:

*Be part of a musical organization that people are coming to hear to help learn your craft.
*Writing for artists from American Idol, etc.
*True fans who tell others about is more important than Spotify streams.
*Artist vs. Songwriter.
*Establish a tribe of true fans.
*Understanding what publishing is.
*Understanding what a PRO is.
*The reasons for changing publishing companies.
*Payout from deep album cuts vs. sync cuts.
*What do you want from your career?
*Does a pub deal accomplish what you want? 
*3 ways to be successful in the music business.
*Make relationships with the people in the middle.
*“Tools Not Rules” Songwriting curriculum on
*Creating awareness and authority.
*Collaboration and critique are everything.

Since 1995, Ross King has been a full-time songwriter, worship leader, performer and and producer. Many of the songs he’s written have been recorded by Jordan Feliz, Newsboys, We Are Messengers, JJ Heller, North Point Worship, Jason Gray, Jonny Diaz, Carrollton, Micah Tyler, Coby James, Joel Vaughn, Cade Thompson, Jimmy Needham, Michael English, and many others. In addition to writing CCM and worship, Ross crafts songs for the film/tv world. His songs have been heard on an NBC promo for the Today show, a SEC Football promo and a SmileDirectClub commercial.
Outside of primarily writing for others, Ross has recorded several independent albums of his own music throughout the years. In addition to all of that, Ross spends a decent amount of time teaching other songwriters and creatives how to grow in their confidence and in their craft.

Season 3 - Episode 1: Tony Wood - The Single Is Everything



This week I’m talking with my friend Tony Wood who is one of the most successful songwriters in music, period. He currently has 34 #1 songs across multiple genres and over 900 songs recorded by various artists like: Michael W. Smith, Zach Williams, Reba McEntire, for KING & COUNTRY,  Oak Ridge Boys, Ricky Skaggs, Scott Krippayne and Bill Gaither and so many more. We are discussing how to know if you are ready to approach a publisher about a songwriting deal, writing with people who are better than you and the importance of the radio single vs. full albums in today’s market.

Sponsors: Edenbrooke Productions - We offer consulting services and are offering listeners a 1-hour introductory special. To request more info on consulting services, email Marty at 

In this episode we talk about:

*The hardest meeting to get with a publisher is the second meeting, not the first.
*How to know if you’re ready to approach a publisher.
*Working temp jobs while building your career.
*There’s no guarantee of sustaining success once you have it.
*Do it for the love of it.
*The single is everything now.
*You need to find a relationship with an artist to write with.
*Aspire to write with people ahead of you.
*Write songs that can become your calling card.
*Getting through the terror.
*Finding ways to connect.
*It’s never been a level playing field.
*Be mindful of the marketplace when writing.
*Work on your theology.


Tony Wood is a staff writer for CURB/Word Music in Nashville, TN. He has won multiple Dove Awards over his career. Currently, Tony has written 34 #1 songs and has over 900 songs recorded  by artists across multiple genres like: Michael W. Smith, Zach Williams, Reba McEntire, for KING & COUNTRY, Steven Curtis Chapman, CAIN, PASSION, Oak Ridge Boys, Ricky Skaggs, Scott Krippayne, Jessica Simpson, Bill Gaither and many more.

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